Low tension distribution panels up to 6300A

We fulfill all your low tension electrical distribution, protection, and control needs with our line of Lectro brand customer tailored cabinet shapes and sizes,  and our ABB cabinet assembly line.

As a certified ABB panel builder we provide the latest ABB has to offer in switchgear and enclosures.

  • Pro-E
  • IS2
  • SR-Basic
  • Unikit
  • Minicenter
  • Protecta

All Your Application Needs

At Lectro, we cover all power distribution, generation, protection, automation circuitry with the latest technology in the field.
  • Main Distribution Boards
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Motor Control Center
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Sub-Main Distribution Boards
  • Automation
  • Synchronization

Top Notch Testing Procedures

Our quality assurance team utilizes a step based systematic approach for testing all phases of production and assembly.