Why Lectro Lighting Products?

  • Our products maintain a power factor of at least 95%
  • Power efficiency is more than 90%
  • 50,000+ hours of life time
  • 3 to 5 years of guarantee
  • All products are tested
  • Products come in warm white and cool white
We obtained an evaluation report confirming the approval of the engineering center of the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University for the quality of our luminaires. A copy of this report is available upon request.

We Offer Three Categories of LED Lighting

Urban | Industrial

We offer multiple sets of product categories that fit urban, industrial, and sports applications. 

Some of our product sets include the PERI Series; which is an outdoor light fixture suitable for street lighting, car parks, building external lighting, and more.


Residential | Indoor

Our indoor collection is suitable museums, hotels, offices, halls, exhibitions, and more.

EFL 03 603

Hygienic | Medical

Designed and manufactured by COCO Lighting, The Bio-Luminaire™ is a new range of ceiling, wall-mounted, and pendant LED luminaires. The unique benefit is that they offer a more hygienic alternative to traditional and existing lighting.


LED Lighting

  • LED lighting is up to five times more efficient than incandescent and halogen lighting, and comparable in efficiency to CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lamps).
  • LED lighting fixtures are directional, throwing light only where it’s needed.
  • The quality of white-light LEDs are now comparable to CFLs, HID(High intensity discharge lamps) and linear fluorescents.
  • LED sources are of a significantly longer useful live than conventional light sources. For instance halogen lamps may need to be replaced at least 20 times before it’s LED counterpart is replaced once.
  • Unlike conventional sources, LED sources continue to be useful even after their light outputs have decreased significantly.
High power sodium luminaire (W)40025012510001500
Replaced by LED (W)15010050300400
Consumed power difference (W)250150757001100
Daily consumed difference (EGP)3.372.021.014.757.42
Annual consumed difference (EGP)1230737.3368.6517222708

Lectro at the LED Middle East Expo 2021